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 David Lee Garza Released a New CD on February7, 20220- Titled " SOLAMENTE TU" on DLG RECORDS this CD is available at area Record Stores and at www. it will be available here starting on Thursday February10,2022, For DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

This CD has 10 Songs 1. Hasta El Dia, 2. Brindo Y Me Rio, 3. Solamente Tu, 4. Otros Planes, 5. Fuente De Agua Viva, 6. No Debi Enamorarme, 7. Por Tu Amor, 8. Super Heroe, 9. Nanos Polka/ La Pecosa, 10. Musicales Medley ( TRIBUTE TO EMILIO)

                           SOLAMENTE TU is a Song written by Raul Sanchez Blu Grape Publishing BMI, Raul Sanchez says this song was dedicated for his wife after everything that has happened during the Pandemic, with losing loved ones and how it brought everyone back together. David Lee says the  Song reminds him of Te Quiero Te Among and Me Vuelvo Enamorar.


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Available in The Store for Digital Download


The 2nd Single

Hasta el Dia" is the most requested song on KXTN at this time.

"Hasta El Dia" by David Lee Garza Y los Musicales is a beautiful, flowing piece, who's melody dances across my eardrums and seems like a very appropriate way to close out the reality 6that our world has become this year. That being said, it is a song that does not need to be analyzed at all. It's sole purpose is to entertain and  Cezar's vocals along with a tight sounding Poteet Posse, do just that. That being said it is completely senseless to try and review or critique this song, so I will now stop, because life is too short to overlook beautiful simplicities like if you feel the need to dance, put your mask on y DALE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Jon Ramirez


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